Just Ask Jesus Book Series

Have your own real conversations, counseling sessions, and adventures with Jesus. Patty Sadallah will show you how with the Just Ask Jesus Series.

“Once you know how to ask Jesus yourself, He becomes the Teacher, Counselor, Shepherd, Healer, etc. These are His names for a reason!” -Dr. Patty Sadallah

Dr. Sadallah’s mission is to bring the message of the Realness of God and the practicality of the Christian Faith to the masses by using media, the language of this generation. Her first two books, Clips that Move Mountains, and its Bible study companion, Journey to the Abundant Christian Life, included film clips that acted as Biblical metaphors. This book contains 18 Lyric Videos that are a salve for the soul, and support the messages in the book.

How to Live a Worry-Free Life is Book 1 of the Just Ask Jesus Series. Each series book will address a significant question on the hearts of many. Look for How to Find Your Calling as the next book in the series.

Just Ask Jesus Book 1 – How to Live a Worry-Free Life

Dr. Patty Sadallah takes readers through their own personal journey from worrier to warrior and shows them how to receive healing and direction from Jesus Himself.

Understanding Who God is, what He does, who you are as His beloved child and walking in that authority are the secrets to living a worry-free life.

This book is a workshop whereby readers will experience the difference between KNOWING ABOUT GOD to KNOWING HIM intimately.

Dr. Sadallah provides encountering exercises using tools and tips for two-way communication with God, Biblical research tips that help identify the Names and Promises of God so readers can anchor their faith, and learn how to pray with authority.

My gift to you!

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  • A God Anointed Blessing to the Christian Body in these times where a loving personal “REAL” relationship with our Savior is imperative! Thank you Patty for your humble heart and obedience to Our Father!

    Gary Valdata

  • This book is truly a blessing from God that came at just the right time in my life. I bought the kindle version of this book, where it takes you on a journey with the Lord thru powerful meditations and inspirational songs~ with the click of a button!  When I open up the book of my heart to His eyes, I really can live a worry free life! I’m grateful for opening up this Kindle book to show me that, as well as the author Patty for being an amazing vessel for the Lord!

    Melanie Bucceri

  • “He (God) listened to me and talked to me in a special way I have never experienced before.  I now do not have any worry since yesterday, I am relieved, I gave my burden to Jesus and He took it over from me, I feel light and my peace is returned to me. God is so good! I slept well last night. Let His will be done, not mine anymore. He is the all-knowing God. The more I dialogue with God, the more I feel closer to Him, I (feel) better when I fix my eyes on Him than the issue that bothers me.” (Regarding an issue worked through with this book)

    Assefash Ayano

  • The author does a great job of inspiring and encouraging a relationship with Jesus. I enjoyed the music videos and lyrics which directly reflect the topic of each chapter. Great book! Looking forward to more in the series.

    Jeanette Chamberlin

  • This book truly gives you the tools to have a REAL relationship with Christ. Music with the lyrics helps get you in the space to connect. Awesome!

    Michele McLaughlin

  • Patty has released a gift to the body of Christ with this book. I guarantee that all who read How to Live a Worry-Free Life and work through these exercises will move to a more peaceful and powerful place in God’s grace.

    Dr. Mark Virkler